Victim of circumstance

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by ColdCase, Feb 20, 2008.

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    Feb 10, 2008
    I had a bit of a scare last night. I shut down my three day old MacPro from the menu to check on a hard drive jumper. It was taking some time to shut down so I went to have some dinner. It had shut down by the time I returned. I checked the jumper, buttoned it up, and pressed the power button to start up. It took forever, maybe 2 minutes for the desktop to come up and, as the cursor would roll over a drive icon the icon would flash… not right I think, so lets restart .

    Well it hung on shutdown, or was taking a long time. I got impatient and held the power switch down and it shut off. Restart, and the same thing. I’m starting to sweat here, did I damage the machine by removing and replacing a drive? Yikes!

    I took the cover off to make sure the drive was seated and to the see if any faults were indicated, nothing. Then I heard a low knock knock sound that seamed was coming from behind the processor panel area, like some little thing was trapped in there and was knocking on the panel to get out, a gremlin perhaps?

    The fans didn’t seem to be causing the noise. So, step back, take a breath… lets not get too hasty tracking down the knock OK what’s the first think to check. ahh.. I recall hearing that peripherals have been known to misbehave and should be the first thing to check. First disconnect the FW drive then the USP to the UPS, then the USB wired keyboard and the knock stops, reconnect the keyboard, something’s knocking.

    So I disconnect the keyboard and rebooted, everything was back to normal. I suppose it’s the symptom you would get if a key was sticking. So I massaged the keys a bit, reconnected the keyboard and the systems been working fine.

    I couldn’t find reports of the keys on these new aluminum keyboards sticking, anyone recall any? Maybe it was a fluke. The speaker must be behind that panel. So I guess I was the victim of circumstance… :)
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    Please use paragraphs to split the text up for easy reading.

    It would appear to be so :)

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