Video and Audio Sharing Without EyeTV

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by chibidraco, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. chibidraco macrumors newbie

    Aug 19, 2011
    In one of our computer labs, the instructors want to be able to share the screen of their instructor computer up at the front of the room, as well as the audio from their computer, with the 30 student computers around the room.

    I know the first question is, why aren't you using a projector and speakers? The main reason is that the students are learning inflection in foreign languages and the acoustics in the lab, quite frankly, are terrible so when speakers are used a lot is garbled. Secondly, when you have thirty antsy students in a room, it's hard to hear minus the bad acoustics. Each of the student stations has headphones hooked up to it, so ideally the students would be able to see the instructor's screen on their screens, and hear the audio from the instructor's computers on their headphones.

    Apparently this was being done before I got here with a hopeless tangle of daisy-chained EyeTVs that are tucked up under the desks. (most of which have died over time, and also when we had some work done the cabling that was hooking up the whole system was cut - so we'd be looking at some major downtime to rewire it all)

    I feel like there should be a much better way of doing this (I'm hoping software driven but maybe not), but I'm not sure what that is. One more caveat to mention - we're using Remote Desktop on the instructor computer so that they can view student screens (and so that we can push software out after hours). I don't know if that has any bearing on the solution but just wanted to throw it out there.
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    Mar 31, 2011
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    Why not just reverse the remote desktop but make it so the students couldn't interact with the machine?

    As in, they would be able to look at the screen of the instructor but they could only "read", not "write". I'm sure there's an option for that there.

    Or at least one of the programs have that option; are they school owned computers or do the students own them?
  3. chibidraco thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 19, 2011
    They're school owned. The only reason I didn't go that route is we have 30 computers in each lab and five labs to do this in. That's a lot of remote desktop licenses and we don't really have a budget.

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