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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Nicko80, Sep 30, 2009.

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    I have a small problem. I cant find any program that runs subs with the movie while im watching it. I first tried to find codecs to quick time but could not get them to work. Then I got the VLC player but it just sais that it does´nt work with OSX Leopard. Now i got myself a DIVX player and it sais that the subtitle file is unknown (.srt). So wich program should I use and how to get the subs to work with it. The best thing would that I could see the movie with subs in front row. Thaks for your help.:)
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    VLC should just run fine on your mac. Sure you got the mac version? (the link in the post above is right)

    If you want to use only quicktime get perian.
    This is a packet full of codecs and formats for quicktime. You will get a preferences tab in your preferences. There is an option in the general tab, all the way down saying load external subtitles.

    How do you need to make this work? Put the movie (####.avi) in a map. Place the subtitles in the same map (*#* Now give the subtitle the exact same name as the movie (copy it, or make a new name for both).
    The only difference now should be the end; .avi and .srt.
    Double click (or right mouse open with quicktime) and quicktime will play it with the subtitles.

    P.S. I really hate the DIVX player, but that's just personal.

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