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    Feb 27, 2011
    I am trying to discover what video motion analysis software is available for Mac. My basic need is to be able to select one or more points of interest on each video frame to form trajectory data across frames which can be exported for further numerical analysis. Ideally this point identification and tracking would be automated after manually digitizing the first frame. The ability to make geometric measurements based on these points or other features in the video is also useful.

    On Windows, there are many options including a few decent free options like Kinovea,

    But on Mac I struggle to find much. Based on a web search, possible options I have found are:

    ObjectusVideo ($59-$99),
    MotionPro ($140),
    Analyzr ($49 / $499),
    Swing it (£21 - £100),

    Free / open-source


    However I have not yet tried any of them. Also, many of these options don't seem to have automated tracking features. Is there anything else out there? Any recommendations? I'm interested in discovering all that is available - so they don't have to be specialized for sports activities like most of the apps linked to above and they don't need to be feature rich (they can be limited in scope, e.g. apps for tracking only single points or apps just for measuring geometrical features).
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    Bumping this as I was looking for the same thing

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