Video Calling using your iPhone and a Labtop over Wifi

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by apheonixboy, Aug 15, 2008.

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    What you need:

    *Jailbroken iPhone
    *Qik account (free)
    * a friend with an Iphone and a QIK account

    So what you wanna do is make a video calling conversation huh?

    Well, what I recommend is for you to sit down, relax, and read...

    First things first....

    On your computer, go to and enter your number in the space provided. You will recieve a message on your phone with the instructions on how to use QIK.

    Its fairly simple.

    WEll, next step is to go into Cydia. Go to Cydia > Sections > Multimedia > Qik.
    Install and restart your springboard.

    On your home sreen, you will see a green icon that will be called Qik. Open it and you will see a camera view, and a REC button on the bottom.

    YOur iphone is ready to become a Video-calling phone.

    Now exit the application for now and leave your phone sitting on the dock or next to you till we reach the nxt few steps.

    Now on your computer, go to and log in.
    (its free, so dont worry.)

    You will have a specialized page...

    (ie: ) - Thats mine

    You will have a screen like in youtube where your video will show.

    Now, get your phone, and csll someone.... let them ansser and press menu... then restart the QIK application.

    get ready and press Record.

    In a matter of seconds you will see video on your page and you can start your conversation aswell.


    So if you know someone with a jailbroken iphone, let them know about this.
    Just give the other person your link to your QIK page and let them give you thiers, and enjoy live video calling.

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    I forgot to mention that 3G can be used aswell to make this video calling. So if you have 3G service, you can be anywhere and call someone and they can view what you are doing while you travel "LIVE"

    I should get paid for promoting this! :D

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