Video Capture Issue & HDV to IDVD?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by firststarmedia, Jul 6, 2008.

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    Jul 5, 2008
    I taped an event with two Sony HDR-FX1 cameras and 1 Panasonic HVX200. The Sonys taped in HD while the Panasonic taped DV. For some reason I am having problems capturing the video using Final Cut Pro 5. Basically, using Easy Setup, it doesn't recognize Firewire NTSC or any combo surrounding normal NTSC modes. In fact, I put in a regular DV tape from the past to try and recapture that and I cannot get the video to import. Sometimes FCP just crashes and shuts down and other times it tells me it doesn't recognize video playback. I thought initially it was a bad firewire cord but what is weird is that IMOVIE captures the video automatically. Problem with that is, it is stretching the video and making it look pixelated. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong as I haven't had problems like this in the past. I have tried trashing my FCP settings but that did not work.

    The second question I have is...I have a project edited in FCP that was done 100% in HD from the Sony cameras. I am going to be burning it to DVD. Is it better to convert the footage to SD material using Export to Quicktime movie settings or is it better to export in HD and let IDVD do the conversion? I've heard about compressor but have only had success making MOV files without audio attached to them. This won't work in IDVD. So, now that i have this project done in FCP, what is the best way to put it to DVD easily?

    Can you help?:confused:
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    Do not know what version FCP you have, but in the menu Final Cut Pro click on it and go to easy set up or something like that, in there is all your settings, NTSC, PAL, HDV 1080i p24, etc, etc. all kinds of goodies. As to your second question I'm really not sure if you can go from Final Cut to iDVD, iDVD is made for iMovie. Anyway you will not be able to burn a real HD DVD with iDVD. (It will just create it in Standard Definition) iMovie to iDVD does almost everything automatically.
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    What camera/deck are you trying to use to capture the footage and are you having problems capturing both the HDV and the DV footage?

    Using Compressor and DVD Studio Pro will give much better results than using iDVD. iDVD will only burn MPEG2 files that it creates so if you go that route you have to settle for iDVDs level of quality. Making a simple DVD in DVD SP is pretty straight forward if you crack open the manual.


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