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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by iQuit, Jun 14, 2005.

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    Well I have been a Mac user since September 9th 2004 and haven't used a PC since then. I bought an iBook and a G4 PowerMac which I sold,I am fixing to get a PowerBook and have bought an U2 and mini iPod. I pretty much know my way around everything dealing with Mac,including OSX 10,although I can use Windoze better. I am buying my PB for video editing,games(mac games),music,web designing,all that good stuff. Ok,so to get to the point...I play video games and will be needing to make some videos,so how will I get the TV output onto the PB? Does it have a video capture card built in or what are my solutions?help is greatly aprreciated.
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    Also a Firewire DV bridge or DV camcorder should work (with the free Vidi software). This would be your best bet. You can get a USB 1.0 TV tuner if you don't mind that the video quality sucks. ATI (through El Gato) sells a USB 2.0 TV device which gives great quality video but requires a 1GHz+ processor.

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