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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by cgk.emu, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Hello there. I have an early 2009 Mac Pro. Quad Xeon 2.66GHz, 16GB of RAM, and a Radeon 5870. Here is my question...I've successfully run the original video card that came with my Mac Pro (forgot which card, it is an nVidia) alongside the Radeon to drive separate monitors, works under Windows 7, too.. So, I'd like a bit better performance in games utilizing bootcamp. Is it possible to put a 7970 in my Pro for Windows 7 use, and use the nVidia card for the OS 10 side of the house since Apple does not yet support the 7970 (I know a flashed card will work, but I don't really want to go that route). So, thoughts? Feel free to let me know my post is ridiculous, but please let me know why. Thanks.

    edit: original card is GT120
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    Would get a nvidia gtx 670 or 680 and you could run them in both operating systems no problem. Nvidia is building better cards right now. They work out of the box.

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