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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Chenzie11, Mar 3, 2010.

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    ok so i convert my .avi movies to .mp4 through handbreak(i have the "ipod 5g support" option selected). i then add the .mp4 version to itunes. now i try to sync the movie to my ipod classic and it says it will not work. so i then go to "create an ipod version". it then takes nearly and hour to create an ipod version.

    to me this sounds like its taking entirely too long and involves too many steps. is there an easier way?
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    You are doing something wrong. Handbrake produces iPod-ready videos. You shouldn't have to use iTunes' "Create iPod version" feature. My advice is to use the iPod legacy preset in Handbrake.

    You have to keep the iPod 5G's limitations in mind. I think the limit for h.264 video is 640x480 resolution at 1500kbps. Make sure the iPod 5G box is ticked in Handbrake (this inserts a special atom in the movie needed to sync to 5G iPods).

    I believe the iPod legacy preset will do all of this for you, but am not 100% sure.
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    Video transcoding is highly CPU-intensive, even for quad-core machines. You can expect a feature-length movie to take the better part of an hour to convert via Handbrake (or any other app, for that matter).
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    Best (and Quickest) Way to Convert is QuickTime

    The best, easiest (and quickest) way to convert videos is the latest version of Quicktime. Use the File->Save As option....

    I use it quite a bit and never had a problem.

    Check it out.
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    Thank you. I downloaded a movie & took your advise to use Quicktime to view it on my desk top. It works Great! Thank you. (I was going crazy with google search and all the free convert videos download sites. Your version is so simple and nothing to install. Yeah!

    I am so not computer savvy. Help pls.
    1) The movie is still stored in my download folder. It will not allow me to move it into the Finder Window "All Movies" folder?
    2) Can it be stored in Quick Time? If not where & how can it be stored elsewhere.
    3) Since these movies seem to take up disk space, how can I upload it to an online storage. ie: and then still use Quick Time to view it.
    4) Is there a faster way to download movies?

    I really appreciate any and all help. :)
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    Mar 8, 2010
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    I should take a long time, as dXTC said. My MBP 2.5GHz takes about the better part of a day to encode a 2hr movie into any format.

    I think the step you are missing is making sure Handbrake is encoding it into an iPod compatible format from the start. As was said, look to your right and make sure you are encoding it in the iPod Legacy format from the start.

    Otherwise, or if you have some already ripped from the DVDs, get a FREE copy of MPEG Streamclip and convert the video into the iPod format. All you'll have to do with MPEG is drag the video in the window then click on the iPod button at the top right.

    No reason to pay for video encoding with QT and MPEG.

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