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Jun 30, 2006
We have a couple of 32GB iPads that run iPadOS 13 and iMovie great. However, the 32GB limits the amount of space available for video editing with other apps, music, and docs on there. How does/can iMovie utilize external storage attached via the lightning connector? Here are some specific questions I have:

1) When iMovie creates a project, does the project exist locally on the iPad, or is it possible for that project to live on external storage via the lightning connector while editing?

2) Can iMovie export a finished project to external storage through the lightning connector?

I don't have a lightning to USB connector, and I'm looking to see if what I want to do is even possible before I shell out $39 for one.
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May 13, 2010
Slightly complicated workaround could be exporting the finished project to something like Readdle's Documents and using an FTP client to get into the app via Wi-Fi. It would be a two-way communication. It is slightly more complicated but could possibly be more convenient, depending on the way you look at it.


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Sep 12, 2011
IPadOS does support external Storage. When you initially create the project it is local, but can copy/export to a separate storage option. (ie. Cloud storage or connected external). Once saved, you can delete the project on the iPad.
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Jan 8, 2003
New York
I am trying to export from iMovie on iPad, but when I try to export anywhere, I immediately get an error "Storage Full". It is a long move, 87 minutes. However, according to the iPad settings, I have over 70 GB free of iPad storage, and I also have over 1 TB of free iCloud storage. I used iCloud to import some clips, so iMovie should have no problem exporting to iCloud.

Any ideas? I'm considering getting some external storage, but I can't imagine why the existing iPad local storage and iCloud storage isn't enough?

Edit: I also saw a forum post suggesting to delete iMovie and re-install it. I'm worried I will lose all the video projects I edited if I do this!


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