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Jul 12, 2017
Hry guys,

Just wanted to know how do you edit videos on your iPad.

What's the best app and what are the limitations that you have when editing on an iPad.

Background: wanted to start doing some video editing and would to know if I can do it quite properly on an iPad.


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Jul 12, 2017
Start with iMovie since it is free as that will give you all you need and see how you go. If you want to get creative or to start customising aspects of your movies then you will quickly outgrow iMovie though.
So I think I don't need to but a MBP or iMac in order to start doing some video projects, that's what I was thinking.

And would like to know how editing on iPad would work for you guys.

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May 26, 2016
You definitely don't need a MacBook Pro if you're just starting off and will only stick to basic editing. One of the recent iPads would be more than enough.
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May 3, 2011
I do all my video editing on the iPad now. iMovie lets you add titles, transitions, picture overlays, basic effects and will even edit 4K footage with a newer iPad. Once you want to go beyond that, I seriously recommend LumaFusion as you can get a whole lot more creative and it's offers up much more flexibility. It isn't at the level of the likes of Final Cut Pro X on the Mac but it is close to being a lite version of that.

There is nothing I currently need Final Cut Pro X for when video editing but then I'm not doing this in a professional capacity.


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Oct 23, 2014
LumaFusion in my opinion is easily the best video editing app for iPad - far more powerful than iMovie.

Best app ever for video @ $20 a real bargain
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