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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by drewyboy, Nov 5, 2009.

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    Hey guys. I was looking at some post's about Mac Pro editing rigs, but they dated back to 2007. I'm currently using a MainGear computer for editing at work. It's 12GB Ram, 3 SSD's, 1 mechanical, an i7 and quadro cx. We got it about a month ago and we're having problems with it and I'm hoping my boss decides to return it. IF that happens, I'm going to push a Mac Pro solution. So I'm coming to you guys for help at getting an idea so I can propose it. We'd be willing to spend up to $6,500, but I need to make sure it will out perform the maingear. We'd be using CS4 and FCP.

    First, when rendering, will the video card play that big of a role? In the rig I have now, I don't think it's being used really at all. The Quadro CX is said to speed things up when encoding, but we found out too late that it seems only for encoding to H.264, which we can't because flash doesn't support H.264 w/ alpha channel.

    Secondly, how easy it is to go from AE to FCP? I mean is there anything like dynamic link for the two to connect?

    I'm hoping you guys can help me out in presenting a case to get the Mac Pro. I don't have that much pull in the decision so I need to make sure it's a solid presentation.
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    My current MacPro rig consists of a 128GB SSD Super Talent HD for my OS and Apps in the second 5.25 Bay. I have a CalDigit RAID Card with 4x 1.5TB in a RAID 5. IMHO this thing flies... The video card will make a difference for some apps so don't go with the base nVidia 120. Personally I have the ATI 4870 with 1GB Ram. Add-in 16GB of RAM along with Snow Leopard and you have a power house. You can also dual boot to windows as well.

    For encoding there's now an extra card for that: Matrox CompressHD

    It claims to accelerate your encoding for different formats and devices. You should be able to build this entire system for less than your budget. The computer with added memory and updated video card should be around $4k from Apple. You can probable save a little if you buy the memory from a third party and put it in yourself.
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    Color and Motion use the GPU for rendering, FCP does not.

    Out of the box FCP and AE do not 'talk' to each other. If you wanna go from one to the other you have to export QT files. There is a program called Automatic Duck that will allow you to share timelines between AE and FCP but it's expensive and there are caveats when using it.

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