Video Editing Solutions for PPC?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by iModFrenzy, Oct 3, 2018.

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    Recently, I’ve been doing video editing on my MacBook Pro 2015 for a video class. This is fun, but I wanted to expirement with older cameras for recording and use older equipment to edit this footage. This older equipment that I had in mind is PPC. As Macs are hailed for their professional uses.

    Now onto the problem, that’s software. Sadly Adobe never made a version of Premier for PPC due to the lack of SSE2(I believe? Correct me if I’m wrong). So Adobe is out of the question. No problem, I have experience with more than just Adobe. Next on the list was Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro 5 is the last version for PPC, however, it is hard to find. Most sellers have it for $250-300. Fantastic, it’s just as expensive as FCPX. That’s out, so lastly iMovie might be my best bet. But that has a more consumer oriented view, and I’d rather use professional software.

    Any suggestions?
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    The last PPC version is Final Cut Pro 6 which is part of Final Cut Studio 2. There are several sub-$100 listings for FCS 2 on right now.
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    Update: As far as I know, Adobe Premiere 6.5 from 2002 is the only version to run on Mac OS X on PPC. CS3 and later require an Intel Mac.
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    **clears throat**

    Adobe Premier 6.5, last version to run on PowerPC.

    You can see it in my Apps folder…

    Also, AfterEffects.

    I obtained a multimedia certificate in 1999 using older versions of AE and Premiere on G3 iMacs.
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    Are you going to work with DV-footage?
    Even if not a pro software, iMovie'06 was the first and last version to offer the option to add plug-ins for more advanced effects.
    "Slick Plug-ins" for for iMovie'06:
    Works smooth with DV-footage from our old DV-Camcorder on my 1,67GHz PowerBook-G4 DLSD.
    You may capture DV-video through FireWire-port (either recorded footage or live-captures)
    or with a Canopus ADVC50/100/110 from any analog source through the FireWire-port.

    For FinalCut Studio2 look here:
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    Our actions define our legacy
    It seems everything I've wrote is turning out to be wrong. Should've double checked everything:p

    But I'll try iMovie 06, Then Final Cut Studio 2, and last Adobe Premier 6.5

    Just reinstalled Leopard on my G4 12" , so I have some tidying up to do.

    Thanks for the help so far everyone!
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    I've heard good word of mouth around Final Cut Express 4 for people on the aluminum PowerBook G4s. Combine that with Final Cut Express HD 3.5, which had a lower-end version of Soundtrack and lots of sample content for LiveType on two DVDs.

    They can both co-exist well, and that'll leave you with roughly equivalent functionality to CS3 Production Premium. After Effects CS3 also still ran on PowerPCs, so you might be interested in looking for that too.

    FCS2 has more features and applications, but by the time you get to Final Cut Studio, the apps really did want a faster clocked Intel chip or a G5 to work well.
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    My policy for all apps on PowerPC is to get the oldest version that meets my requirements - preferably one from the same era as the machine. Just because a later app will run, doesn't mean it will be efficient on your particular machine.
    What Mac do you intend to use?
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    Oct 31, 2017
    You can find inexpensive copies of Final Cut Studio 2 if you keep your eye out. I purchased mine for $40.
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    Kiel, Germany
    Concerning iMovie the HD'05/'06 versions seem fit best a G4 and "include support for HDV (720p and 1080i)" (

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