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    I have several videos files want to import to iPad2; some are mp4 format, some are wmv, some are avi; some are home movies, some are full movies.... I have read to use handbrake; if so, what format does it need to be converted to so I can import into iTunes??? Any easier ways???
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    handbrake has an TV preset - use that.

    i haven't used or tested it but there's also iVI.

    last but not least, MPEG Streamclip may come in handy.
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    Feb 27, 2011
    Handbrake is the easiest and even has an iPad preset (assuming you've installed VLC as well). Another option is Vuze which facilitates downloading torrents as well as converting to any format you need. You can also use QuickTime Player X to "Save As" a 720p movie that will work on the iPad.
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    try an app called PlayerX, it works great for all video formats on my iPad 2

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