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Video format and sound quality

Ernst Krenek

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Original poster
Nov 11, 2015
Horten, Norway
For years, I’ve shot short and shortish videos with my iphones, all for personal use, mainly all sorts of everyday clips. Available video quality options have of course grown in numbers over the years, the XS max that I use has six, from 720p/30 bps to 4K/60p bps. I’m not in any way pro or even advanced, I simply take pleasure in exploring my own modest creativity when filming. I’ve always gone for the “big” 4K option, the one taking up the most storage, without much thought invested in that choice – simply assuming this will offer the best chance to get the best results with my meagre abilities, and the best chances for films to look nice on any display.

Some time ago the need arose to document myself conducting classical and contemporary music, for analysis and evaluation of rehearsals and concerts. Of course, an hour of 4K film produces a file that is in the tenths of GB, making it a frustrating hassle to share with the people that help me evaluate the work.

The needs are quite simple, I need to see my movements, gestures and mimicry. I place the phone on a tripod behind the ensemble to see my face and body. That distance is often ten or twenty or even thirty meters. I chose 2x zoom, as I think I’ve picked up somewhere that that’s the limit for the cameras’ optical zoom.

I’ll do my own experiments of course, still I’d be grateful for some input on what is lost if I choose a lower quality for filming, to produce smaller files.

Another question concerns the sound quality. Is it too lower, when the film quality is lower? I use a Røde wireless go, a Bluetooth mic, and attach it to my shirt because I need to capture my voice clearly (not so much the music).

Are the lower qualities noticeably lower for my use? And: will the sound quality be affected?

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