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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Steven Jackson, Jan 24, 2008.

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    I've just transferred some videos to my iPhone for the first time. These are three episodes of one TV show (all same season) and two episodes of another TV show (all same season).

    All tags are correct, and consistent across episodes.

    The series with three episodes creates a sub-menu (when I got to the video section of the iPod app, I select the series and get another screen where I select from the three episodes).

    The series with two episodes are listed individually on the main videos menu. There is no sub-menu for episodes of that programme.

    In other words, in the main videos menu I have three options. A series name, leading to a submenu containing 3 episodes from that programme, and two individual episodes from the other programme.

    Does iPod app only create a submenu when there are three or more epides present?

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    #2 pretty much answered your own question.
    When you have three or more of the same series, the same music video artist or any other video that is 3 or more, it will create a folder. It does the same with video podcasts.

    It was designed this way to locate and use your video's more effective and efficiently.


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