iPod touch Video-out feature on iPT !


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Sep 3, 2007
I have some questions on video-out feature of iPT, I don´t understand this feature very deeply so excuse me If I´m being silly :) What video resolution must I have on my iPT file to view it well on a TV too ?? In order to get the 480i that iPT supports I must have a 480i video on ipod ? (Or ipod outputs it for better resolution ?? :confused:) I would love to see pics of this feature but I can´t find anywhere !!!
Also component cable is the one that let us have the 480i resolution on TV right ?! the apple component AV cable has 5 connectors, thats ok because my TV has the 5 ports for me ot plug in the connectors. But on my other TV there are only 3 ports, Do I have to buy apple composite cable(has 3 connectors instead of 5) to watch videos on it? Or can I simply plug in 3 of the 5 connectors from the component cable (leaving the other 2 unplugged) and have my video playing??

Thank You !!!


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Oct 8, 2006
480p is the maximum resolution that the iPod touch supports so it will output whatever you can play on your iPod touch. For best looking video on your TV use 640x480.

About the component cable, you need to plug all 5 connectors in for it to work so you'll need the composite cable for your other TV.


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Oct 27, 2007
Only 480i/576i out on iPod touch, but the Classic does 480p/576p ... wtf?? I've just woken up to this fact myself, as well as the shocking reality of needing to pay $49 each for component and composite cables (not many TVs have the former yet) ... plus $49 for the new dock with remote (how else are you going to use it without one?), that means basically an extra $150 for full video out functionality ... almost 1/3 price of device ... with NO chance of cheaper 3rd party ones due to the horrible new lockout chips in the cables?

Wow, that just sucks big giant Apple-hating monkey balls.

For the same price you could get a PS3 with 1080p, HDMI, BluRay and all the rest.


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Oct 11, 2007
Arg...The touch supports up to 720x576 (576p).

Apple's specs say it doesn't, but if you just put the video on the touch (even through itunes) it plays fine.

the touch also supports h264 video up to 10MB/sec.
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