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  1. spiderman0616, Jul 20, 2011
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    Aug 1, 2010
    Once or twice a week I download a TV show from iTunes to watch on the train. (Usually Deadliest Catch) I start the download right when I get up in the morning so it's done when I leave for work.

    This morning I downloaded an episode and was watching it on the train--halfway through the episode, it froze. I hit pause and play, no response. I tried fast forwarding to another part of the video--black screen.

    When I closed to the home screen and went back in, there was still the black screen--couldn't even get back out to the video selection screen. Same result when I close the app in multi tasking and open it again.

    I also held down Home+Power until it reset itself and went back into the video again. This time I get the selection screen again, but then when I hit play I get a black screen again. I can't even go back to the beginning of the video to start it over.

    Anyone ever had this problem? I know the Apple Store went down early this morning, but I didn't hear anything about iTunes going down. The news stories reporting the down time are all from around the time I was downloading the video--I'm starting to wonder if I just didn't get the whole file.

    Anyway, the video is now completely unplayable. Anyone ever had this happen?

    UPDATE: I tried something else as well--I just did a normal power down. Now when I launch the video app, I get a black screen and that's it. It's completely non functional.
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    Same thing happening to me!

    I bought the first season of Treme for my wife and I to watch during two long flights today. During the first flight, we tried to watch the first episode, and it went to a black screen right away. We went to the next episode, and we got about halfway through before that episode froze, and then got stuck on a black screen.

    The only thing that will let me back into the Video app at all is a complete reset, but the episodes that were frozen before remain so.

    This is very frustrating...any ideas?
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    I had the perfect opportunity to troubleshoot this some more tonight--when I plugged in my iPad 2, I saw that there was an update for 4.3.4. Perfect time to basically reinstall the OS. I know it's not a factory reset, but at least it's another step in the troubleshooting.

    iTunes advised me to transfer my recently purchased content to the computer (as usual) before upgrading, so I transferred the video, and it actually does not play in iTunes either. It's like part of the video is missing.

    So, I don't think this was a problem with the iPad itself, but rather a problem with the video file. Anyone know how to get a refund on this video?

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