Video problems...sorry if posted before..

Discussion in 'iMac' started by jharvey71884, Jul 9, 2011.

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    May 3, 2011
    But I couldn't find a post before...

    Randomly, at least once a day, I will have major video problems with my new 21.5 Imac... It's the standard one that came out in May with the i5.

    It just starts playing no audio and probably jumps about 10 to 20 frames a second. Doesn't matter where I'm streaming video from or what browser I'm using.

    I know it's not an internet problem, because I have then tried it on my Macbook Pro, and the video comes through fine.

    I'm completely up to date with updates. The problem usually goes away if I restart the computer....but that gets annoying after a while.

    I work in the television media industry, so you can imagine I watch my fair share of online video...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    Don't want to come off as a newbie...just didn't see it anywhere else.
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    Jun 27, 2007
    Some people are reporting intermittent audio problems with 10.6.8.

    Haven't seen the problem with multiple computers though.
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    May 3, 2011
    Sorry didn't imply that it's on two computers... just my new IMAC...I was saying that my Macbook Pro is fine with the video and audio, so it's not a networking internet issue.

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