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Original poster
Oct 12, 2009
Can any anyone recommend any software that will allow me to rip an ISO file from a commercial blu ray. I’m the rights holder so I am legally able to.

There seems to be lots of questionable software out there which im worried about installing. DVD fab was one and kept wanting me to authorise it with certain access which I wasn’t comfortable with.

Can toast pro do this?


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Feb 20, 2009
I only have an older copy of Toast titanium.
Don't even have a burner connected at the moment.
I opened Toast and I see that there's an option under "data" that reads "ISO 9660", this may or may not be what you need.

If the old version of Toast has it, newer versions should have that and possibly more.

Having said that...
I looked in my archives and found this.
Again, not sure if it will be of use for you, but here it is:
Create a folder with the contents you want on your ISO.

Open Disk Utility and use the New Image from Folder menu item to create an image. Ensure it is uncompressed and use the CD/DVD master option.

In my experience this creates HFS+ masters which are no good in Windows.

Open the Terminal

Assuming your new image is called ~/Desktop/Master.cdr (the file is on your desktop and called Master.cdr) type:

cd ~/Desktop
hdiutil makehybrid -iso -joliet -o Master.iso Master.cdr

This will create an ISO/Joliet .iso file.
Of course, the above is for CD and DVD.
I have NO IDEA if it will work for a Bluray disc.
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