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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by batman75, Nov 3, 2015.

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    I have noticed with the new Apple TV that I get flickering noise in the picture during dark scenes. I literally watched the same scenes back to back with my old Apple TV and my new one, and I don't have this picture quality issue with the old one.

    The system with this issue is a 4K Samsung 80" LED TV connected to a 1080P Sony ES AV Receiver connected to a KablelDirekt HDMi switch connected to the Apple TV.

    Only have this issue with this setup. The issue doesn't arise on my other setup which is Samsung 4K TV connected to Yamaha 4K receiver connected to AppleTV (different AppleTv but also a new one)

    Has anyone had this issue?
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    Sounds like a pull down issue because it doesn't support 24 FPS. The new unit has better PQ and bandwidth so the TV is getting bigger packets of data than with the older unit so you're seeing more artifacts.

    1. Check for a firmware update on the TV.
    2. Turn off your 24FPS if its an option (usually "film mode"), I'm not familiar with your set so this may not be an option. You should only use this with a 24 FPS source.
    2. If your TV has an ISF setting, use that. This is usually an LG feature.
    3. Turn off torch mode and bring down your sharpness. On a Samsung its usually about 11 for the sharpness. If it has a "Movie" setting, which most Samsung units do then try that as your baseline. You can increase sharpness and contrast from there.

    Also turn off any noise reduction or TV processing (DNIe, MPEG Filter, Clean View), you don't need it. This should get rid of the fake looking Soap Opera effect.
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    Thanks for the tips. This is the TV. What is 24 fps mode and what is it used for?
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