Video Review: The Nodus Shell for iPhone 6s Features a Magnetic Mounting System

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    The Nodus Shell case for the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus comes from UK company Nodus and is featured in our latest video review. Made from Italian leather and available in black, brown, or yellow, the Nodus Shell has a design that's similar to Apple's own leather iPhone cases with cutouts for the volume and power buttons and openings at the top and bottom to leave ports and speakers available.

    What's unique about the Nodus Shell is the magnetic plate that's built into the interior, allowing it to be mounted anywhere using small but powerful magnets called Micro Docks. Using adhesive, a Micro Dock can be positioned on a wall, in a car, or at the edge of a desk, allowing an iPhone to be docked in multiple places.

    We found the magnets to be strong enough to hold the iPhone in place and one of our favorite aspects was the Nodus Shell's ability to also work with other magnet-based systems. According to Nodus, there's also magnetic shielding included in the case to protect the iPhone from magnetic damage.

    The Nodus Shell can be purchased from the Nodus website for GBP49.99 or $72.11, with free shipping to the United States available.

    Note: Nodus provided a Nodus Shell to MacRumors free of charge for the purposes of this review. No other compensation was received.

    Article Link: Video Review: The Nodus Shell for iPhone 6s Features a Magnetic Mounting System
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    Classic example of paying too much for something and finding reasons to justify that amount.
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    Glad to see this disclaimer. Maybe now the haters can try to find something meaningful to gripe about. But then again, I'm new to posting here; I still have hope.
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    $72 for the case with magnet mount, or $X ($50) for case + $X ($30) for magnetic car mounting device.
    The cost isn't the issue here...I own an iPhone. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention, as having a 'built in' magnetized back on my phone means I don't have to remember to stick this lil' metal plate in when I remove/replace the case. And we'd get an extra magnet for the car!
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