VIDEO: Scuba diver high-fives massive shark


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VIDEO: Scuba diver high-fives massive shark
By Nikki Bowers |
Published 06/12 2015 02:47PM | Updated 06/12 2015 02:47PM


Bigger than the shark from the movie "Deep Blue Sea," a giant underwater predator ironically named 'Deep Blue' looks to be giving props to a scuba diver underwater in Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

Roffer's Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service shared a video on YouTube of scuba diver and researcher Mauricio Padilla exiting his underwater cage to touch the infamous great white shark.

On the video, you see Padilla standing outside his cage as the shark's massive teeth come directly towards him. Next thing you know, you see Padilla bravely slapping the shark's fin five.

It was almost like everything was moving in slow motion witnessing the encounter while hoping the man isn't gobbled up into oblivion.

Deep Blue is pretty massive and believed to be one of the largest great whites ever recorded. Now, with that said, one can't help but to wonder, was the shark really giving Padilla a high-five or was he sizing him up for dinner?

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