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Jul 17, 2010

I have a 2.6gHz i7 Mac Mini with fusion drive which I'm noticing is having some issues playing video on an external screen. Absolutely everything else runs really well, apart from this slight smoothness/stuttering when playing video externally.

I use Pro Tools for professional use, with picture running on an HDTV via HDMI. My other monitor is a 21" running from display port to VGA.

I've tried the TV at 1080p 50Hz, 1080p 25Hz (as UK TV is 25fps) and also at 720p at different settings. Its still not as smooth as running it on my VGA monitor though.

Is this an issue with the TV do you think? Or maybe its a GPU issue? I don't think it is software as I've not had this problem on more powerful machines.

I've looking into seeing if there's a way to use an external graphics card with the mini, to give it a boost, but it doesn't seem to be feasible.

Any thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated. I'm happy to try any suggestion to see if it works!

Thanks very much!


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Jan 5, 2006
Redondo Beach, California
What kind of video files are these? What software are you using to play them?

When ever you need to figure out a performance problem use Activity Meter. It is in Applications/Untilities. Run it while yu are having the problem and look at cpu/memory and disk usage and see where the bottle neck is.
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