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Mar 24, 2008
Does anyone have any recommendations for an app that will go through a folder of video files and create a JPG called "filename.mp4.jpg"?

Seems to be a very simple thing to want to do but I've found very little that seems to do it. There are apps that will create a contact sheet, but if you bump them down to a 1x1 single image, they don't appear to have the option to say "grab it from 10 seconds into the file" - you just get the opening title that appears on 0 seconds.


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Jan 30, 2010

Try a Mac app called MovieBriefs. It is not quite as specific as what you are looking for, but it will go through a movie file and generate a single JPG which shows a sequence of thumbnails. You can set the start and end frame so as to capture exactly what you want (like a title screen, or an end credit) for the first and last thumbnails. You also can specify how many thumbnails per JPG.

It does not automatically go through a directory, creating a JPG of thumbnails for each movie file -- you would have to do that manually or perhaps with an Automator script.


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Sep 12, 2009
UK, South
I'm impressed by this one:

I know, old thread, but it comes up on searches.

This app has handled many more file formats than Skreenics did.
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