Video transfer from HDD camera, USB or Firewire ?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by digitalfrog, Apr 14, 2008.

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    First a bit of background, but just jump to point #2 to read the specific about USB/FW

    #1/ Background: I'm a photographer and I have access to lot's of backstage and pretty unique environments and I feel it would be nice to bring some video's of what's going on when I shoot pictures. I don't feel like spending too much money and don't need HD. I'd rather have something cool that fits in a side pocket (or a lens pouch).

    #2/ USB or Firewire ?

    I'm about to purchase a JVC camera, either GZ-MG330 or the GZ-MG335.


    They seem to be pretty much the same cameras, but the GZ-MG335 has an extra docking station with firewire. Is a docking station with FW a must have or I won't have much if any benefits versus USB and direct power to the camera ?

    Any other thoughts on my camera choice (read background) is welcome.


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    If you like speed, use FW; it's faster.

    Single apostrophes denote ownership, with the special exclusion of "it's" which means "it is" (as opposed to "its" which is the possessive version. Lot's should be lots; video's should be videos. The possessive doesn't make sense with these; they are simply plurals and need only an "s."
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    For video work, Firewire for sure. Not so much because of the physical bus speed, but because large block transfers can be handled more efficiently by the system (without much CPU involvement) compared with USB.

    - Martin
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    Before you buy a JVC you might want to dig a little deeper into the file format that it records.

    I did some research back around the first of the year trying to decide which camera to purchase for a specific project and the JVC was on top for "shooting" specs and size, but when it came to editing the file format was a deal breaker.

    Unless that has changed or some changes has been made to iMovie 8 or FCS you may want to look at another format.

    As for Firewire or USB2, with an HDD or SDHC camcorder it's about the same. You are transferring a file, not recording to the computer. With DV tpae Camcorders firewire was the way to go.

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