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Discussion in 'iPad' started by ks-man, Apr 13, 2014.

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    We use Video Tube on our iPads. The app is great but something that is frustrating is that if the app is open the iPad will never go to sleep, even after the video is done. My kids always watch videos and just put it down and walk away which leave the iPads always with very little or no battery juice left.

    I don't see any of the reviews mentioning this however I also don't see any setting for this. This occurs on all three of our iPads so it isn't an isolated event. Does anybody else experience this? Is there a way I can have the iPad go to sleep if this app is open?

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    Not sure about that app but there are apps that prevent sleep if you turn the feature ON. Never heard of one that keeps the iPad awake even after it's done? Are you swipe closing the app afterwards? Try that if you aren't just to see what happens.
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    My understanding of the OP is that the app prevents the iPad from sleeping as long as it is open, ie, in the foreground. If you switch to another app or close out to the home screen, the iPad will go to sleep. But the OP's kids start a video then wander away without bothering to exit the app. So the iPad doesn't go to sleep even when the video is finished.

    I have an app that keeps the iPad awake as long as you are in the app. And there is no switch to turn the behavior off. I'm not familiar with VideoTube, though, so there might be a setting for that somewhere. I'd go through all the in-app menus, and also check in the settings app -- some apps put some settings control there. You might also consider sending a feedback to the app developers -- some developers are pretty good at responding to customer questions and concerns.

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