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    i have a client that wants to have a series of hour long videos on his site. normally i use flash for videos, but is an hour too long? should i use some sort of streaming video approach for that?

    his site traffic isn't going to be huge, so that's not really an issue.

    just curious. i haven't had to do streaming video before, so i may have to learn something new. :eek:
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    True streaming video must be delivered from a specialized streaming server. There is also a hybrid method known as progressive download. In this method the video clip is downloaded but begins playing as soon as a portion of the file has been received. This simulates true streaming, but doesn't have all the advantages.

    Since you noted indirectly that bandwidth is not an issue, I suggest one of two very simple approaches that use progressive downloading:

    1) Use the object and embed tags for your video file to spawn the proper plugin, based on whatever format it might be. I assume you know how to do that, as it's not true streaming and quite well documented on the Internet. But ask if you do need help and of course we need to know the format.

    2) Convert to .flv or use a utility that creates a Flash video player in .swf format with the video embedded or called externally as an .flv. Much like the YouTube interface with cool skins, controls and so forth similar to 90% of the sites out there which do progressive downloading via Flash. I suggest this as Flash is common on over 95% of the computers out there, unlike plugins for QuickTime, RealVideo or Windows Media. I personally use Moyea to generate an .swf (a complete video with player/controls) but to each their own.


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