Video_TS to h264, subtitles etc.

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    Nov 14, 2007
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    I am looking for a program that runs on 10.5.2 that will allow me to recode
    a video_ts folder as created by anydvd. Of course, no laws were violated in the ripping process.
    I also need to retain multiple audio layers and be able to include several subtitle tracks.
    I have tried Toast 9, Popcorn 3, Handbrake and Visual Hub.
    Toast 9 and Popcorn (same encoding engine?) fail to output an mp4 with multiple audio layers and subtitles when ps3/apple tv presets are used.
    Handbrakes hardcodes subtitles. I didn´t find a way to circumvent this.
    Visual Hub crashes a lot and doesn´t fit my bill either.
    Right now I am back using Nero´s latest recode version under Vista 64.
    It gets the job done and does it twice as fast as handbrake.
    Is there any other program that is os x native that I should investigate or can I get handbrake not to hardcode subtitles?

    Thank you guys very much!

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