Videos and Metadata: When did I shoot this anyways?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by mattraehl, Jul 4, 2011.

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    Is the situation with videos and metadata as crappy as it seems? My impression is (generally speaking)

    1. The first time you import video into an application, it can usually get the date and time the video was shot more or less correct. For example iPhoto and iMovie 11 read the filesystem "modification date" off of the SD card in my camera and sets that as the date. (Still prone to error if you use the in-camera editing function, and either way the date is from the end of the video, not the beginning) iMovie 11 correctly sets the clip time when importing from my old DV camera.

    2. Any time you want to move video between formats or applications, you're going to have to manually set the recording time yourself. For example, when I import an iMovie HD project, it sets all clips as the timestamp of the last clip. If I import an old (unmodified) video that was taken on a still cam, it doesn't know the recording date. Exporting from iMovie 11 or iMovie HD creates a file that has no information about recording time. Converting raw DV files from my camera to MP4s with Handbrake creates a file that doesn't know when it was recorded. Et cetera.

    Is there not anything like EXIF and IPTC for videos? With my photos, I can always export from iPhoto and get date, exposure, location, description, keywords, etc (although you need a 3rd party utility to write faces info into the metadata) The best I can tell, the only way to ensure I always know when a video was taken would be to insert a frame with the date on it at the front of each video, or use the camera's date-stamping functionality (if it has it, my still camera won't do this for video)
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    I find that if all cameras are properly set to the correct time and date, the metadata is correct. I noticed this when playing with FCP X, as one of my co-workers' camera was set to the wrong date, and it put his clips in a different place. :(
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    Oct 14, 2011
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    In the past, I used an app called RegEdit to change time-stamps on docs.
    Im not sure if this would help now.
    I too had some cameras go as far back as 2009 by accident but we also have shots done as far back as 1998.
    I just shut the date option off in Event Library.

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