Videos broken up and 'green boxes'

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by temujin99, Jul 24, 2008.

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    When I try to play some videos like on youtube the sound is ok but the video is a mess of mainly green boxes moving around as the video is loading and playing. At times I can make out a 'ghost image' of the guy who is supposed to be there!

    The problem started only a few days ago.

    I don't have this problem for example watching embedded news videos - for example on BBC.

    It is the same whether I'm using firefox 3 or safari for example.

    I have all the suggested plugins and add ons - all the latest versions of VLC, Perian, DivX, etc. I regularly repair my permissions. And use Macjanitor and Onyx.

    I do have another recurring problem which may or may not be relevant. The video chip probably has a (few) damaged solder connexions (balls). At the moment I am not experiencing any such color distortions with my displays. (I fix this problem by tapping the case where the video chip is and by 'dropping the computer onto the table from a height of 3 inches!)

    Any ideas anyone?

    Thanks in hope

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    Is this video choppiness only for youtube videos? or does it happen similarly with VLC videos?

    generally having too many system cleaners such as you have can cause more problems than theyre worth, as generally one will do something a little differently then the other one...perhaps choose one that best suites your needs, Onyx seems tobe a good choice to keep around.

    I'm pretty sure its not a graphic card/chip issue if your not experiencing it with other video applications.

    it could be a slow internet connection and the video playing while buffering tends to cause this, a simple refresh of the browse might work or pause the video let it load for a moment or so and play once you give it enough time to load to play.

    whatever you do dont drop the computer! that will definitely bring on an array of apparent and some non apparent problems!
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    YouTube uses Flash so maybe go to and download the latest Flash update?
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    Green broken boxes etc

    Thanks for your responses guys.

    It is not just youtube videos (it seems to be all youtubes videos). But 2 examples only. All other 'embedded' videos in news papers are ok

    Should I uninstall adobe flash (latest version I have) and reinstall? If so is there a better procedure to follow?


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    Green broken videos - Solution found

    I uninstalled my adobe flash version 10 beta and reinstalled the version 9. the problem disappeared.
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    good one^ thanks for replying with the solution :thumbsup:
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    When did you install flash 10 as abobe released a version to fix the green box bug a few days after the initial beta release.
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    broken green boxes

    I installed the version 10 beta a while ago for sure. I'll maybe try to install the version 10 beta again and see what happens.

    Thanks for the info.

    Maybe it would be an idea if very, very new releases should be called 'gamma' versions.

    Now I can cuddle my mac again.

    But I still get frustrated at stop-start nonsense when trying to download a video or news item. I suppose it's all down to the internet connection speeds which are not as fast as claimed by ISPs and generally a fraud.
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    I had the same problem. Flash player 10 cause it as well.

    Don't know why or how.

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