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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by wickerman1893, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Dec 16, 2008
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    The Steve jobs of yesteryear...

    Here is my thought on this.. the Steve Jobs we all knew and loved is not the same Steve Jobs we now know.. both are DIAMETRICALLY opposite from each other.. Actually to put it bluntly: Steve jobs who loved the mac and always brought out a new mac each month or year... has died in 2006... a new steve jobs was born and rechanged the empire to Apple, Inc instead of Apple Computer, Inc - Apple is now a consumer marketing company with new laptops, iphones, ipads, and other itoys... Mac pros, xserves(more so these), and maybe the mac itself are not on his agenda as much... whats making steve the money and whats making Apple, INC the money?

    1. Ipad sales
    2. iphone 4g sales
    3. ipod/ipod nano sales
    4. The Laptops
    5. The mini
    and finally: the imac.

    Consider the gadets to be #1 in 80-90 percent of Apple's total sales, followed by the laptops, and finally the other macs. The Mac Pro is making him no money whatsoever and the ill-fated xserve will probably drop off the face of the earth shortly(Nanofrog).. the Mac Pro as we know it is on its LAST legs at the moment..

    Before the itoys revolution:

    Mac sales made up 90-100 percent of the total population.. The consumers who bought the mighty PowerPC PowerMacs enjoyed this time... the mac pro is not the same as those computers of yesteryear. They are for a specialized market, a market which Apple, INC and not Apple Computer, Inc considers not to be of importance at this moment.. maybe not at all.

    The way I see it... yes, a few more mac pro models *MIGHT* come out, but don't expect 10000000000'S of people to line up and buy them. Consumers will buy mobile computing devices before desktops. I think also the desktop world is WANING while mobile computing is the future..

    Now, where did I put my macbook pro 4 ghz i9?

  3. TennisandMusic

    Aug 26, 2008
    None of this is born out of the numbers however. Macs are a huge part of Apple's sales, roughly equal to that of the iPhone. Secondly Jobs JUST said the idea that the mac is dead is completely wrong. Lastly, PC sales are huge right now. Practically a million PC's sold every day. Think about that. Netbook sales pretty much squash iPad numbers. We aren't being swiftly ushered into a mobile platform era while PC's die out. That's just an Apple marketing push, or lofty internet ideas etc etc etc. Kind of a tired meme at this point.

    Again, the numbers are what they are. PC's are going very strong. Macs are a huge huge part of Apple's business. Period.
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    Steve has also said Apple isn't interested in making a phone, a tablet or an iPod w/a video screen. ;)

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    Jun 12, 2010
    Yes, but not the

    xserve or mac pro.. I can see the Macbook/Macbook pro making up a bulk of the mac sales, followed by the imac and then the mac mini, oh lets not forget the lowly Macbook Air- I like this as its light weight, but I don't think the mac pro makes up a lot for the mac side though.

    But, most of Apple's sales on the mac side appears to be the mobile laptops as the strongest, then the desktops following behind.

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    May 6, 2008
    It will all come down to the sales numbers, as Jobs and the Board of Directors are business people first and foremost.

    The Xeon line is moving towards a split per se; Xeons will continue to add cores for the enterprise market (what they're actually aimed at), and the workstation market will have to use Enthusiast Desktop parts if it's continued. That in itself isn't a problem, and could actually make the MP cheaper to manufacture (no ECC memory or more expensive DP chipsets for example).

    But the "wrinkle" is an iMac with LightPeak, as that could alleviate some of the complaints of an iMac for professional use (becomes a viable solution for some, such as software development). LP would allow for high speed peripherals (i.e. multiple monitors, and high throughput storage systems). If they happen to have a Enthusiast Desktop equiped iMac (i.e. 8 cores), then it could even be viable for rendering for example.

    The iMac's sales figures are surely better than the MP and XServe combined, and by taking the above approach, would allow Apple to reduce the R&D cost per system (R&D divided by more units sold), thus maximizing profits.

    Now that will get the attention of the business side. ;) :p

    General trends published clearly indicate that laptops are outselling desktops, particularly in the US IIRC.

    Low cost units are popular in developing nations, as they're cheaper.

    I'm wondering where you got your information from, as it may be globally/market segment specific. :confused:
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    Nov 16, 2008
    Sorry, but you're wrong. Mac revenue is about 25% of total and iphone revenue is about 50% of total.

    cheers and don't be mad be happy.................. the iphone will keep the mac lineup alive.
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    Ask Apple
    Part of it is about the money, but I don't think that is the reason behind what we are seeing. I think what galls Steve Jobs is that he lost control of the market to Microsoft in the 1980's. He wants it back, and the iDevices are the pathway for redemption to him. In iOS-land, there is but one king - King Steve, and all must bow before his greatness. OS X is to a large extent out of his control and has a low adoption rate among users, which is why its fading in his priorities. Without the control factor there, his and consequently Apple Consumer Electronics, is waning in the OS X ecosystem.

    Given the choice, being a minor player in a declining market or a leading player in an ascending market, what would you choose.
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    Obligatory graphic:

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    That is false information.

    Right, its FAR better.

    Thats because MacPro buyers are professionals with jobs, not nerds with daddy's money and nothing better to do.
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    Spot on
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    Mislaid apostrophes like the one in the title make me loose hope ;-)

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    Key word there. When you're making a 30% profit on the Macs and 200% profit on the iPhone/iPad, no-duh the revenues are going to be higher!

    Again, thats revenue. Show me actual sales.
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    In a Mac box
    Agreed. I wish he was this enthusiastic about the Macs he rolls out today.

    Yeah laugh at the specs but watch as he describes it. He never seems that happy to bring out a new computer these days. Watch when he introduces the Aluminum imac, its depressing.

    Though I guess the reason is that Apple isn't doing anything exciting/innovative for their Macs anymore.

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