Viewing MMS on UK O2 Network Question.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Random hero, Feb 8, 2008.

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    Jan 15, 2008
    When I first got my iPhone, someone in the UK had set a page up which You could bookmark once you had signed up and it took you to your MMS inbox, It wasnt ideal but saved having to log into the O2 page any time anyone sent a Picture Message, however I lost all my bookmarks in a 1.1.3 installation disaster and cannot remember the site now, anyone remember it??
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    Jan 15, 2008
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    Isn't a donation now required to use it due to it's popularity and web costs?
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    I don't actually get any notification that I've been sent an MMS message, what's meant to happen, and does anyone know how to fix this problem? I'm running a 1.1.2 Unlocked/Jailbroken UK iPhone
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    Incoming MMS notification

    What happens depends on whether you've had Multimedia Messaging (aka MMS) enabled on your account (assuming you're on a non-iPhone tariff). If you have never had MMS enabled (or are on an iPhone tariff) then what should happen is you get an SMS saying something along the lines of "You have been sent an MMS. To view it please visit and enter your mobile number and the PIN XXXX". If you have MMS enabled on your account and are using a phone which can receive MMS messages (e.g. not an iPhone) then you just get notified like with SMS messages and can view it on the phone normally.

    Are you on a proper UK O2 iPhone tariff or have you put another O2 SIM card in (e.g. Simplicity, PAYG etc)? If the latter then did you have Multimedia Messaging enabled on your account with your old phone? I did and I am pretty certain that what is happening is that O2 are sending the normal MMS notification to me, rather than the SMS, and the iPhone (not knowing how to deal with it) is ignoring it. Unfortunately I have found that O2 Customer Services can tell if you're using an iPhone when you call them and refused to help me last time I called them[1]. Not getting MMS messages is not a major problem for me as I've probably only received two or three in the last three or four years (and probably sent pretty much the same number) and I am hoping that if Apple enabled MMS in the future my iPhone will just magically work. Fingers crossed...


    1. They said that although they couldn't stop me using the handset, they would not be able to help me with configuring it or changing settings. This was about a week ago and they've not taken any further action so far...

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