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    Hi guys, I download a fair few manga and comics that gets unzipped, when they are open they always open on preview as default. But it only shows only the one selected photo, while on Windows 7, all images in the folder can be accessed by using the key press down, so i read comic/manga, while pressing the down key, page by page.

    With the mac, I cant do this unless I highlight the entire page, and then opening the top image, I can then use the down arrow key to read page to page, but its a bit annoying to do that for everytime I have to read. Is there a way for me to click on (say) Page 1 and can just access each page from one key press without having to highlight the entire comic to view the entire comic?

    I dont want to use iPhoto either, I have family photos etc ... and dont really fancy having comics in the family photo collection. Is there any image viewer out there that can help?


    Using Xee - Brilliant.
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