OS Neutral Viking Ghost (Dead Alien Cult)

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    - Steam's Greenlight

    Key Features:

    ▪ Fast paced brutal combat
    ▪ Procedurally generated dungeon layouts
    ▪ High quality visuals
    ▪ Multiple weapons, abilities, and items to help you on your quest.
    ▪ Earn XP and coins to upgrade your player attributes & buy items
    ▪ A comical story driven epic quest for revenge
    ▪ Two Difficulty modes: Normal & Extreme Metal Makeover Edition (Perma-Death)
    ▪ Three Game modes: Story, Endless, and Horde
    ▪ Two camera angles to choose from: Dynamic and Classic (Top down)
    ▪ Light environmental puzzle solving
    ▪ Rage and Spirit mode for devastating attacks
    ▪ Boss battles!






    Viking Ghost PRE-ALPHA Trailer!
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    Dec 15, 2012
    Looks awesome, and I hope that metal is part of the game sound track!

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