Vimeo Revamps Apple TV Channel With Streamlined Interface, Staff Favorites, and More

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    Video site Vimeo today announced a revamp of its Apple TV channel, simplifying the interface, launching a new "Staff Favorites" monthly feature, and making several other enhancements. The updates focus on improving video discovery and reducing the number of clicks it takes to access videos.

    Vimeo is also featuring its growing On Demand trailer library, which integrates with the service's Watch Later queue to make it easy to access content across devices. Enhanced Video Detail pages also include background images and additional metadata such as audience ratings and reviews.

    Content providers are increasingly embracing Apple TV as a platform for distributing their content, with roughly 40 channels now available, although many of the services are currently limited to the United States or just a handful of other countries. Vimeo, however, is available worldwide for Apple TV users.

    Article Link: Vimeo Revamps Apple TV Channel With Streamlined Interface, Staff Favorites, and More
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    Perhaps next they can tackle the mysterious origins of the lint removal trays featured on commercial dryers! :p
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    Poor Timing...

    If Apple reveals a Facelift for the Apple TV this year, all of Vimeo's work will seem like a waste.

    That being said, this looks nice.
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    I don't think the facelift for Apple TV will be as substantial as people expect. The home screen will change quite a lot, and they'll probably add a lot of new possibilities for the apps, but I don't expect a iOS7 radical change to the actual visual theme.

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