Virtual MacWorld Event.

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Would you like a Virtual MacWorld Event as described below.

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  1. zippywinds macrumors newbie


    Jun 1, 2003
    Virtual MacWorld Event.

    Now that Apple/Steve Jobs wants to do one of these a year and only in San Francisco, leading to the following problems: Leaves a lot people out d/t travel distance, time to get there, and expense, especially people that live in eastern and central time zones.
    Moreover, the money saved by not going could be used to buy Apple products and other exhibitors’ wares.
    So therefore leaving the Macworld experience unavailable to many folks.

    *Note I live in Boston and attended every MacWorld they had there and when the Mac World moved to NYC I went to 3 of them, But when IDG moved the event back to Boston, Apple and Steve Jobs was a no show thusly ruining the event.

    This brings to Mind why not have a Virtual MacWorld event for the rest of us, Apple boast about real time video conferencing, pod-casting, and like. Why not have am Virtual Web MacWorld Event along with the San Francisco event.

    **How can this work you might ask.

    1. A person selects and purchase one of various conference packages
    2. Then the person receives the their conference pack (in a cool MacWorld bag and with a badge) Fed Ex to them when registration starts at the actual live event. (Think of it wearing your badge and carrying your bag, in your home with pjs’ on, and having an etoh beverage),
    3. Folks who buy the packages, will get to see Steve Jobs in real time per web casting via a special log in code, this would also be available for the feature presentations and conference classes. In addition, a feature for the conference classes would allow online attendee to ask questions.
    4. A DVD of all the exhibitors would be apart of package, showing the vendors products, plus with ability to web cam into the actual booth, and be able to ask questions, and take advantage of show specials. ***Note Apple will release its booth DVD to virtual attendees after Steve Jobs Speech allowing the person web cam access to the Apple Booth, with ability to ask questions as well. In addition, virtual attendees can order souvenirs venders offer, like T-shirts for a minimal charge.
    5. The classes people will be able to view would be according to package purchased, therefore password specific.
    6. Cost of these packages could be 30% to 50% less than the current package rates. But think of not paying for travel, hotel, meals, and alike,

    Well what do think peeps? What ideas would you have etc.
  2. ITASOR macrumors 601


    Mar 20, 2005
    Good idea, would be expensive. Maintaining a webcam at every booth would be a huge time killer.

    I think they feel that they get more than enough people at MacWorld already. :p

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