Virtual PC 6.XX and MIDI


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Mar 8, 2005
Austin, TX
I just got Virtual PC 6.0 w/Win98SE and installed it last night on my mini (1.42 / 40GB / 512MB) as a test for some of my wife's old Win95 games. All went smoothly, and it seemed to be working fine, when I noticed that the MIDI music in the games was playing v-e-r-y slowly. If I turned off the music, everything worked fine. Now I *think* that when I first installed VPC 6.0 and Win98, everything worked fine on the first games that I installed. Then I upgraded to VPC 6.11 and used Windows Update to update my copy of Win98SE. I then noticed that the MIDI playback was extremely slow. I can't say for sure if it ever did work correctly, but I know for a fact that after I upgraded that it is now not working.

These are old and simple (by today's standards anyway) Win95 2D games that seem to have no problem running in VPC; specifically they are Srabble v1 (Red Box), Shanghai Great Moments, and Hodj'n'Podj. All of these games require 256 color mode, which I was surprised VPC could run in a window on a 64k color desktop. I was holding my breath when I installed it, but was pleasantly surprised by how well everything worked, EXCEPT the MIDI music. I plan to disable the network, since I don't want any network access from Windows anyway. Does anyone happen to know if the MIDI playback in VPC is super slow like I am experiencing? Can anybody add anything from experience with this? I thought about deleting the VM and starting over, but this would not fix it if the VPC 6.11 upgrade was the problem. Should I completely reinstall VPC? Any suggestions?