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    Feb 16, 2010

    I found that page, but I don't seem to be having any success. Since I haven't used the Terminal window, I seem to be missing something, about how the operation is performed.

    Is there any chance one of you guys could take a look and show me what I'm doing wrong? :eek:

    I actually want to temporarily unmount the Bootcamp drive, as I will want to restart into Bootcamp, as well as in VirtualBox - so I have jumped to the end of the first step.

    I have ejected the BOOTCAMP drive and then, in Terminal, typed:

    $sudo chmod 777 /dev/disk0s3

    unfortunately i get the message:

    chmod: Unable to change file mode on /dev/disk0s3: Operation not permitted

    So, I need to change permissions?

    So.......I typed in "sudo chmod 777 /dev/disk0s3", (- the $), and got a warning message and asked to type in password, but the keyboard wont accept my input? I can ctrl-c back out though. I have also ran repair disk permissions, but it hasn't done anything that I can see.
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    Feb 16, 2010
    I have no idea why I couldn't use the "$sudo" command without getting the error, but I have managed to complete this using "sudo" and typing in the password. (I didn't realise that the terminal doesn't show any indication that the password is being typed! :eek: )

    I followed the rest of the instructions and it seems to be working. Hope this helps anyone else getting confused with this. Thanks to the 300+ people who read the post, even if they couldn't help. :p

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