VirtualBox crashing after attempted install of Microsoft Security Essentials?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by ravenvii, Oct 9, 2009.

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    Mar 17, 2004
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    The setup: VirtualBox (latest), Snow Leopard and Windows XP.

    The situation: I installed VirtualBox, all seems fine. I then installed Windows XP. All seemed fine. I installed Gust Additions. Then I installed Safari. Then I went and downloaded and installed Microsoft Security Essentials. When it attempted to install, it would fail, and asks me to restart and try again. I went ahead and restarted. When the virtual machine restarted, it'd get all screwed up, squashed video and frozen. Then I'd get a dialog saying that the virtual machine disk image has a problem or some such, and claims that a likely cause is a problem with the harddrive. After I clicked OK, it beachball'd. I force-quit the program.

    And after that, any time I tried to open VirtualBox, it'd immediately beachball on launch.

    Has anyone else encountered this strange issue? I'm not sure if it's caused by Microsoft Security Essentials, or by me installing Guest Additions (and it not playing nice with OS X)? I checked my harddrive, and it *seems* fine.

    (Note that this all is done on a clean install of Snow Leopard - VirtualBox was installed *right* after I got done doing a clean install of Snow Leopard and installed all the available updates.)
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    I've done all that except for the security essentials part and haven't had issues yet. I don't know if I've installed Safari on it though. You might want to check the VirtualBox forums to see if others have had this issue.

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