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    Looking for a decent virus app to check my system from time to time. Currently the ony one I use is called Malwarebytes Ant-Malware for Macs. I came acroos this one, was wondering if it is somehthing I should use. Was reading the national post newspaper today and go a popup saying to hit a scan button for a virus. Of couse I didn't but it made me think maybe it is better to have one. Opinions are welcome.

    I use to use the windows ver of this a few years back before switching to Apple and it worked nicely.
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    Malwarebytes will do all that you need.
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    Ontario, Canada
    Thanks, that was easy.
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    To be clear, there are no viruses for Macs. be clear, many folks misuse the term "virus" to describe anything unwanted or malicious. Categories include:

    Root Kits
    Key Loggers
    Others (browser extensions and modifications, search redirects, DNS poisoning, etc)

    The most common unwanted cruft on Macs are Malware & Adware. And yes, Malware Bytes is probably the best Mac tool to scan for these. The free version is adequate for most folks. Just run it occasionally (manually).

    AV software (like AVG, Sophos, Symantec, etc) are most often used/required in a mixed platform environment where there are Win boxes to protect from the very real and continuous threats.
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    The OP wrote:
    "Looking for a decent virus app to check my system from time to time"

    You don't need one.
    There has not been a single "Mac virus" found "in the wild" since the introduction of OS X.
    Not one.

    You DO need this:
    It's free.
    IGNORE the prompts to "upgrade to the paid version".
    It will run in "free mode" FOREVER.

    There -are- pieces of Mac adware and malware out there.
    Run Malwarebytes once a week, and if there -is- something, it will take care of it.

    After 30 years of Mac'ing, never once having contracted any malware, I did come upon something.
    MalwareBytes found it and got rid of it in a few seconds.
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    Don't worry yourself about virus on the Mac. They don't exist.
    Definition of a virus: Something that can infect a computer WITHOUT user interaction.

    All new software on Mac requires user interaction. So the only way MALWARE can get into the system, is to sneak past you. Either with software that claims to do a little too much for free, or a fake update. There have been a few compromised Mac Apps in the past. But they got detected and taken care of.

    The best advice is, things like YouTube downloaders and other software that promises something a little too good to be true is a good thing to be careful with. Google them before installing them.

    For fake updates, that is going to be quite a lot harder, for the malicious people making them, with the new Gatekeeper in macOS Mojave. So less worry there

    And the final nail in the coffin. All the Virus scanners only search for KNOWN malware, which means unlike their PC counterparts they don't seem to have pattern recognition. So when fake updates or new malware is released, they won't react to it, and they DIDN'T do so in the case of the past two largest attempts on the Mac, fake updates of Handbrake and Transmission. The anti-virus software needed a definition update too, before they could deal with it.

    Should the accident strike, Malwarebytes would be the preferred tool to clean it up. But note, it is for cleanup, not preventing.
    They say the paid version can keep malware from getting in, but I remain skeptical, I havn't seen proof of that yet.

    I have had Mac for the past 11 years, never has a single piece of malware or adware ever infected my Mac. I even use Handbrake and Transmission, and neither managed to get me.

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