Visited 2 AT&T stores today and was told 2 different stories??

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jlwilsonjr, Jul 10, 2008.

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    I currently have a AT&T business plan through my company the financial responsibility is through them not me. I want to port that number to the iphone I also want to port the number from my wife's phone to at&t as well (she currently has T-Mobile) to an old unlocked razr for now until she decides on a phone. Also I need to be able to sync to work email.

    I went to two different AT&T stores today and got 2 different stories on what I should do. GO FIGURE

    First store--- Call this number and open an individual account now. Then in the morning come in and get you iphone. When your wife decides on a phone come back and we can make the change to the plan. I asked about the subsidized price and FAN discounts and he said all would apply...something just struck me wrong about him (store manager). I asked how many phones they thought they would get, "we have no idea of knowing Apple dictates how many we get our shipment is due here late tonight, we may get 2 or 200 no way to tell." I asked how many they got during last years launch and the guy responded 2 on iday!!! I think I'll pass on this store.

    Second Store-- Since your business account is so big you will need to call and transfer financial responsibility of your current plan. Then come in and change the plan and get the iphone. I asked would it just be easier for me to open a new family plan get the ihone and worry about porting the numbers later? He said yeah that is prob. the best route to take. Asked the same question as before how many iphones do you plan on getting ...."around 40 or so" WTF!! I live in a very large city (just outside of Houston).

    I tell ya less than 24 hrs before launch and it still seems like AT&T doesn't have there sh*& together.

    So my plan for getting the iphone...Store 2 open family plan and work out the details of porting the numbers. Leave the store smiling as I just purchased one of the coolest gadgets out even if an idiot sold it to me.

    My hands are tied to going to a AT&T store so I can receive my FAN discount other wise I would be packing my gear right now to camp at a Apple store.
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    May 14, 2008
    Keyword you live in BIG city which may equate to alot of AT&T stores which mean allocation may not be as big at some stores. You may wanna just hit up an Apple store as they're sure to have more iPhones than the AT&T stores you visited. Best of luck to you and your new iPhone 3G :D
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    rule of thumb: at&t customer support reps are a bunch of idiots.

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