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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bozigle, Feb 1, 2007.

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    Vista just hit Finland (here Helsinki)

    So Vista made it to the front page of helsingin sanomat... the biggest newspaper here and they put up a huge tent in the "Middle" of the capital.

    After that if Finns don't get it i don't know what will

    vistaFrontPage.jpg vistaTent.jpg

    Ok so for those who don't know Finland nor Helsingin sanomat... here is a little explaination: Despite being a democratie, Finland has one and only Newspaper for the south area (other regions have similarly a regional equivalent). And people don't really care what is on the front page cause they are going to buy it (or not) no matter what. So it's an exceptional case , probably unique, this newspaper always feature an ad on the front page... whatever the news might be (the only exception i remember was for the 12 september... the day after). So today it's vista... tomorrow it might very well be some saussages or candy...
    That's it... i just thought it was a bit funny to share some foreign vision with you

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    That's a very interesting practice! Thanks for sharing. :)
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    Dec 11, 2005
    And also 90% of it total garbage. The pictures and info about Vista was correct but everything else just a desperate attempt to make nothing into something. There's over a hundred local newspapers in South Finland, Helsingin Sanomat is just the biggest.
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    Who needs Vista when you've got Sonata Arctica? [​IMG]
  5. bozigle thread starter macrumors regular

    I apologies for lying and hurting your feelings on the subject

    -I was pretty sure that Finland was still an Democratic country and i will soon complain to wikipedia and cia for their misleading content

    -Helsingin sanomat being the ONLY newspaper is an overstatement and you're right there are hundred of new paper ... i do encourage you to inform Wikipedia for their lack of info because they only list 24 of them.
    Most of them do fit my definition of "regional equivalent" and other are specialized on subject like economy or would fall in the tabloid.
    In fact apart from the two free newspapers, Helsinki sanomat is The ONLY equivalent of what international press reefer as independent generalist news paper but then again Courrier international "french international press review" and wikipedia might be just wrong stating that since the dismiss of "uusi suomi" in 1991 Helsingin sanomat is the only National newspaper publication

    - on the front page "ad" i would again reefer to the French "courrier international" again and on the uniqueness of the fact i was careful to use the term "probably". it can very well be that some Novegian news paper do the same.

    - On the subject on Sausages or candy i might have been a bit carried on... but wait, no! i do recall the front page being an advertisement for Fazer chocolate and the sausages were definitely on the front page last summer.

    - i wrote that people didn't really care on what was on the cover and admittedly i'm not in people mind (thanks for that) and they might care.

    So i would really appreciate if when saying that 90% is crap you would point what is indeed at fault and i promise not to send offensive thread again.

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    Think MS will let me borrow the Giant Vista Tent Ultimate Super Business Professional Edition when they're done? :D

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