vista on MBP with 10.6


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Oct 24, 2006
Pender Island, BC, Canada
I'm trying to install Vista home premium on my MBP with 10.6. can i do it with boot camp 3? i'm not sure if thats' what the instructions meant. i looked up BC 4 and it looks like i can't install that on this machine. how can i tell when my machine was built?


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May 16, 2013
Kansas, USA
anybody out there? could you at least tell me where to find out when my machine was built?
Click on the apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen and select About This Mac. If you can list the specs like the processor and memory, someone here can tell you what model year it is. You can probably google it too.

Why Vista? Windows 7 or XP of you can't do 7.