Visual voicemail counts against data plan?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Schtibbie, Nov 24, 2010.

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    Visual voicemail grabs copies of voicemails onto my phone, so it's obviously using data. Does anybody know from asking AT&T or experimentation whether that particular data usage counts against your plan? And by roughly how much? All I found on the Internet was old posts from back in the unlimited plan days where it's pointed out that no one should care, since data plans are unlimited. Well, mine isn't
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    While I can't say 100% how AT&T works things, Visual Voicemail uses its own Access Point (as defined in the Carrier Settings file). Using a different access point means that billing the data separately would be very simple.

    iOS even has support to allow Carriers to declare that Visual Voicemail bypasses the "Data Roaming" toggle (due to the separate Access Point for Visual Voicemail, some carriers don't charge you for using it abroad).
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    I am about 99% certain that VVM isn't a part of your data plan.
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    I remembering researching for this information when I first got the original iPhone (2007). At the time, I found the source (@ at&t site) saying it worked through the edge network using your unlimited data. Now, of course we have 3G.

    The only comparable site is this, which is for the blackberry devices. Look below the page at the *asterisk:
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    Yes, it uses data to download the message to your phone.
    Even though the Visual voicemail service is free it doesnt mean it doesnt use your plans data.
    But those voice messages are small anyway.
    A 1 minute message is about 100KB

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