Visual voicemail not working


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Jun 7, 2007
Longmont, CO
This is so voicemail account is all set up, but my phone will actually dial the voicemail account instead of presenting messages visually. I called ATT and 1800 MY IPHONE and no one seemed to be able to help me. I've tried restores and everything.

Background: I got my phone the first week it came out and it was working fine. I leave for Thailand for a month and left my phone at home. When I get back, my voicemail didn't work at all. I called ATT and they said the voicemail feature on my rate plan had somehow got deleted. The guy put it back on, I set up my voicemail account, but now no visual voicemail. Help?

I'd rather not go to the apple store because its an hour away and I don't have a car (and the bus is expensive).


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Sep 30, 2005
Green Bay, WI
Odd. Well its an AT&T thing so I would call and have them remove and re-add the package to reset it. There should be no need to go to a store.


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Jul 10, 2007
Along these lines... I have my iPhone activated to use a prepaid GoPhone SIM (not the official Apple/ATT one) I can get to vmail fine by just dialing it - but no vvmail. However, since I'm on the ATT network, I was wondering if maybe I could still get the vvmail to work.

In looking around, there is a second APN listed in /private/var/root/Library/preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist. The first is the standard EDGE access one (wap.cingular) But the other is in there as acds.voicemail. However, for that one I have a blank username and password. I'm wondering if anyone that has vvmail could look and report what is listed in that file for their APN entry?