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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by diane143, Jan 30, 2017.

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    I did some quick research on this last fall and didn't take notes. :oops:

    I'm looking for a display that won't break the bank to replace my 2007-2008 22" ViewSonic monitor. I've seen a number of posts from people that use Vizio's as monitors, and I love our Vizio TV and thought it would be a good solution.

    I want this primarily for photo editing. I have no issue using the MBP screen for text editing should it be a bit fuzzy on the TV.

    I say now I would probably not watch TV on this, but tell me a way to watch TV in the corner and I just may ;) (actually I have put a stream on one screen and worked on the other - but it's not mission critical and wouldn't happen often).

    Since I already have a 22" I'm not sure 24" is even worth the upgrade? I was hoping for a 28-30". I'm not sure I can go much bigger due to space.

    I'm not seeing what I remember seeing in the 2016 models - something around 30" for under $150 (admittedly that could have been a 2015 model I saw).

    The D series has a 24" at $140 and a 32" at $200 (I think the refresh rate is lower on the 28" so I crossed that off)
    E series also has a 32" at $200

    Does anyone know about the 2015-2016 models that maybe I can find in another outlet?

    I'd like to keep this under $200, and under $150 would be a huge plus.

    Thanks for any advice - even if it's another brand.

    2015 early MBP Retina
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    A TV will not have anywhere near the display panel quality or the color gamut of an actual computer monitor, they are not meant to be viewed this close up. Photo editing is color critical work and would look like crap on a TV.

    I'd look elsewhere.
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