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    Jan 14, 2009
    South Australia
    Mac the ripper is fairly slow at ripping DVDs, and also does not rip them as a disk image. If you use VLC and Fairmount to mount your dvd, then open Disk Utility to creat a disk image it is faster and easier than MacTheRipper (in my experience). After this you have a fully decrypted dvd image in which you may do as you wish with. :D

    VLC (Free)
    Fairmount (Free)
    Disk Utility is on your mac :D
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    Sep 16, 2009
    Sounds excellent. MacTheRipper is really slow on my brand new MBP so if this works I'll be very happy. :)
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    Can you just run through exactly what you do in this process, i simple guide if you will.....

    I have used handbrake and MTR for years to backup my collection, but now find that some discs just wont mount in either....

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    South Australia
    Okay, here is the 'guide' of sorts.

    Pre-requisits: VLC and Fairmount installed (links above)

    1. Load fairmount
    2. Insert DVD and wait for fairmount to start data server (pic 1)
    3. Open disk utility (type into spotlight or find in utilities in applications)
    4. Click volume representing your DVD (pic 2)
    5. Click new image from the icons at the top
    6. Select DVD/CD master as image format (pic 3)
    7. Hit save
    8. Do as you wish with the disk image (such as handbrake etc..)

    if this looks like alot, after the first time its simpler than starting mactheripper

    EDIT: Make sure you dont select the volume with the CD icon near it

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