VMWare Fusion 5 now $17.99 at CDW.com

Chef Medeski

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Jun 14, 2005
New York, NY
Category: Utilities
Distribution Media: DVD-ROM
License Category: Shrinkwrap
License Pricing: Federal government
License Qty: 1 computer
License Type: Complete package
Licensing Details: U.S. Federal only
Subcategory: Utilities - desktop virtualization
Version: 5

Seems like it might only work for federal agents. :cool:


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Sep 19, 2003
Canada, eh?
Maybe it can only be sold in the U.S.? Great price if they'll let you order it.
No, this license is only valid for federal government employees. You're not actually paying for the license because it is covered under the your employment contract. That $17.99 is only the cost of the media.

My workplace offers similar deals on Microsoft products. You pay about $20 for the media, but the license is only valid as long as I'm an employee.
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