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    Feb 9, 2014
    I have been given a fusion 6.0 disc with the serial number never been used and am installing it but am new to this and need some help please,I am at the stage in the installation were I have a box on screen that says.
    Choose A Virtual Disc Option
    Create A New Virtual Disc
    Use An Existing Virtual Disc
    Guest Os Windows 7
    Option New Hard Disc
    Capacity 60Gb
    Could some one please explain which I choose and will I need to download any other software to run a serif programme.All this so my wife can make her own cards and calendars etc not happy with the stuff she already has.
    Regards Ray
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    Chances are that you'll want to create a new virtual disk. The other options are for importing existing VMs etc.

    I believe that there is also a "Windows Easy Install" or something to that effect, which will install everything with minimal prompts. Be aware that this will default to US settings so if you're in another country then you may wish to peruse the Control Panel once it's installed.

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